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What to expect? How to be prepared? 

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Please complete the history form at least 48h in advance. This is very important and will allow me to provide optimal recommendations.

Please bring your pet at the date and time scheduled with your family veterinarian. Your pet will likely have to be dropped off at the clinic for a few hours (unless a direct consultation with you has been scheduled.)

Follow your normal routine for medications and feeding, unless arranged differently with your family veterinarian. Cardiac evaluations are non-invasive, but a small section of hair may need to be shaved for imaging. Sedation is typically not required, although some cardiac patients may benefit from a mild sedative to reduce stress (please discuss this with your family veterinarian if necessary).

I will first perform a focused cardiovascular examination on your pet. This is usually followed by an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) to evaluate cardiac morphology and function. If needed, additional tests such as electrocardiography or blood pressure measurements may be performed.

Following my evaluation, I will discuss results and recommendations with your family veterinarian. A full written report will also be provided within 24-48 hours following the consultation.

Your family veterinarian remains your primary point of contact. However, we work in collaboration, and I will provide support in the event that changes or questions arise regarding your pet’s health.

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